2016-17 Excellence in Teaching: Dr. Mike Fullingim

How do you sum up Dr. J. Michael Fullingim, or, “Dr. Mike”, on one page? It’s impossible—so we took a picture instead.

A Miltonvale Wesleyan College alumnus, missionary to Papua New Guinea, missionary training professional, and full-time OKWU professor of Religion, Intercultural Studies, and Linguistics since 1989, Dr. Mike’s life is as busy as his office. With two Masters degrees and a PhD, Dr. Mike is clearly a gifted academic, but he is also a beloved friend, mentor, and teacher to countless OKWU students and the more than 200 missionaries he has helped train through Global Partners.

What keeps him coming back to the office? An excitement for learning—“If you get excited about it, you can get students turned on to life-long learning, and it’s delightful to see someone’s passion for learning a subject turned on.”


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