A Brand New Day

Kedrick Nettleton, Editor

Three ways OKWU’s new brand is making a powerful and bold promise.

Refining OKWU’s brand and graphic identity was a key initiative of President Dunn to strategically build the next OKWU. This involved a comprehensive re-design of the logomark, color-scheme, and messaging to position the university to stand apart.
Unveiled this summer, our new brand and website showcase a significant milestone in OKWU’s distinguished 115-year history as a leader in Christian higher education. The newly established OKWU Creative Impact team worked on this strategic marketing project for several months to lift the OKWU brand, create impact and alignment, and connect with our many constituents in a clear and compelling way.

During the branding process we have been as strategic, intentional, and inclusive as possible. To that end, we asked for and received great input and ideas from individuals and groups throughout the university since this work began last fall.

The OKWU brand aspires to showcase the people and spirit of OKWU, and it’s more than logos and colors. It is a promise of integrity and mark of academic excellence.

x image brand new day -01-01

One university. Centered on the cross. Period.

The traditional OKWU cross symbol is foundational to the new logomark, anchoring the new OKWU brand with the beliefs the university has always stood on. Utilizing the existing athletic logotype, the new logo brings together the academic and athletic student experience, creating a unified brand experience. We’re one OKWU. Together.

x image brand new day -01-02

The future looks bright.

Color is emotional. Our updated color scheme embodies optimism by applying the traditional University Navy and introducing a complimentary University Yellow. We know how identifiable our logo and primary colors of navy and yellow will become. We want to make sure that anyone looking at communications from us—even at a glance— immediately knows its from OKWU. Legacy red and gold remain a part of the university palette, reserved for special use.

x image brand new day -01-03

Tomorrow needs you.

So what’s the big deal? OKWU’s rebranding is ushering the university into a modern era with our aesthetic look and storytelling. Our students are our focus, and our message has evolved to connect with their stories. OKWU is committed to preparing students for a world that desperately needs the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow needs leaders. Tomorrow needs nurses. Tomorrow needs pastors. Tomorrow needs YOU.

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