Prayer excerpt from Brianna Hudson (’22)
Fall 2022 Commencement Ceremony

From beginning, to end, and on into eternity, reign.


We come before you, humbled. You are a God who performs wonders, whose power has no rival, whose love knows no end, and You are here with us. We welcome Your presence today.

I thank You for allowing us to pursue an education at an institution that magnifies Your Name both in and outside the classroom.

Lord, most of all, as myself and these graduates exit this university, I pray that You would seal upon our hearts the Call of the Kingdom. Let us not leave here and forget what we have learned—that You are Lord and Master and in You there is hope for the hopeless and healing for the broken-hearted. Always. There is still so much more we have yet to learn. So, no matter what we face as we leave this place, teach our hearts to yearn for the Kingdom, teach us to speed Your return and lovingly serve others in the wait. Teach us to hold fast to You as You have held fast to us and to grow up into maturity in Christ, that we may be a unified Body, that the whole world may know that Christ is King of all and in Him is Life and Life everlasting.

God, You’ve gotten us this far, to the end of another chapter. I know You will hold us through the next and forever. Thank You.


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