There are many opportunities for the business school students to learn and develop, to discover new ideas, and to refine their future goals at Oklahoma Wesleyan University; but perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities available to students is the chance to go on one of the student trips.

The offered student trips, which promise once in a lifetime adventures, are to New York City, Colorado and Hong Kong, and are led by Professor Wendell Weaver. All students are eligible to apply for one of the coveted spots, but because the trips are planned with business students in mind, their applications are prioritized.

The trips allow the students to complete a humanities class credit while going on the adventure of a lifetime. When the students traveled to New York, they were invited to visit the floor of the stock exchange, which is an invitation not extended to many, and they were able to travel five levels below the surface of the federal bank and see the gold. Students also have a chance to experience the arts. This past year, they visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, something most college students are only able to read about in art history classes. Of course, food can be an adventure too. One evening, they all dressed up and went to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and also had the chance to try Peruvian cuisine—a first for most of the students. This past December, on their last night, Professor Weaver rented out Bobby Flays restaurant and treated the students to a dessert tasting.

In Hong Kong, the students had the chance to meet with the CFO of Disney Hong Kong, the person in charge of all oil purchases for Morgan Stanley, as well as the head of legal council for Fed-Ex. They also had the unique experiences of visiting the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, (which is the holding company for the stock exchange) meeting with the American Consulate, and having lunch at a Buddhist monastery. The New York and Hong Kong trips take place over Christmas break, with the destination rotating every year.

In August, students have the opportunity to go on a weekend long Colorado trip, which is designed as a student leadership course. During the week, the students are able to participate in leadership and team building classes, which allow them to learn more about themselves, their peers, and even their professor.

During the trips CESB offers students have the opportunity to network, learn how to navigate the different cities, and get comfortable enough to apply for jobs in those cities, if the students desire. Many students that have gone on the trips have used the opportunity to line up job possibilities and even set up interviews. Professor Weaver said that his goal for these trips is to, “help students being comfortable navigating the city, so that if the Lord called them to work there, they will be able to get around.” These trips become one of the highlights of the students’ college experiences because of the chance to venture into foreign territory outside of their comfort zone, and gain a global business perspective.

What new trip is coming up next? Students will have the chance to travel to London. OKWU students, mark your calendars for the summer of 2015!

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