Whether our students work with oil and gas, in the communications sector, or for a non-profit organization, Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s Chesapeake Energy School of Business equips them with the skills they need to accomplish their goals.

Rebecca Schluter, a finance major that recently completed her senior year at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, was offered a job with ConocoPhillips. Jobs are hard to come by in the current competitive job market. Rebecca credits her success to the opportunities offered in class to apply the information they were learning. She said that the many presentations she gave helped her feel more confident during the interview process.

Ryan Kosmicki a graduate of CESB now works for Weatherford International, an oil and gas services company, as a Hydraulic Sales Manager. He is also thankful for the presentations he was required to do during his undergraduate years, because he finds that he is often in front of their customers, making sure that they are up to date on Weatherford’s products.

Students in both our undergraduate business school and masters program have found that what they are learning in the classroom is applicable to their careers.

Ben Brown, a current student in our Masters of Business Administration program, with a concentration in finance, has already been able to apply what he is learning to his job. Originally he began working for Level 3 Communications in their sales department, but because of the knowledge and skills he has gained, he was able to transition into the finance department, working in his ideal role. He was not promoted just because of the MBA on his resume, but because he is applying what he has learned on a daily basis.

He was originally drawn to Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s MBA program because his friend, who was already working towards his masters, told him that the program was not simply focused on test performance like other universities, but instead was focused on giving the students skills they could immediately use in their careers. No matter what industry our students choose to work in, the skills they learn in our MBA program has proven to help them be successful.

Drew King, a graduate of Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s MBA program, works for a non-profit organization and said that he too has been able to apply what he learned at his job. He was first drawn to the program because of its pace. Because students only attend class one night a week, he was able to work while attending school.

The pragmatic education the students learn in Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s business school is not the only thing that differentiates the program. The professors are truly intentional to integrate their faith and scripture into all of their teaching and to help their students figure out how to apply their faith to situations at work.

Ben and Drew both enjoyed Dr. Epperson’s Organizational Behavior class, because of his teaching style and because of the way he taught servant leadership. This concept changed Ben’s perspective of how to lead a company. He said, “At a public university, you couldn’t drive home the points of my favorite classes without the spiritual aspects of them. Leadership looks different from a worldly perspective.”

Ryan’s advice to students considering the CESB is to take the first step and apply. He suggests that getting a business degree will be useful throughout your whole life, because every industry needs people who understand business. Rebecca shared that one of the advantages of the CESB is that professors take a personal interest in their students’ lives. She advises students to take advantage of the small class size and form friendships with both the students and professors.

Attending the Chesapeake Energy School of Business is a unique experience because of the applicable information taught, the scripture that is applied, and the friendships that are formed. Visit www.okwu.edu for information today on how you can be equipped to achieve your dreams.

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