From the President’s Desk

At Oklahoma Wesleyan, we believe in the unifying Truth of Christ and Truth of Scripture. Over the past decade and a half, this university has waved the banner of Truth of natural law and common sense and we have done so without apology.

We have fought valiantly against the arrogance of power and the pretentions of men. This school actually stands for something in a world that is open to everything. We have the audacity to think some ideas are good and some ideas are bad and we teach our students to tell the difference.

Moreover, we hold that there must be a measuring rod outside of those things being measured or we can do no measuring. It is our goal that our graduates leave here understanding that the “yardstick” is actually bigger than their feelings or mine.

In the face of the daily news, we paddle upstream. We fight against the flow of what is popular, trendy and politically correct. We believe God defines life and you and I don’t. Our school of nursing’s pro-life mobile ultrasound clinic has saved 156 human lives over the past 24 months. We believe that girls should be respected and not used and, therefore, we have rescued 32 young women from sex trafficking and currently house them in a dorm we helped build in Southeast Asia. We think it’s absurd for anyone to suggest that nuns such as The Little Sisters of the Poor should be forced to buy abortifacient contraception and we have stood with these courageous ladies on the steps of the Supreme Court to say so.

This academic community does its best to practice what we preach. We have not backed down. We continue to wave the banner and we refuse to be silent. We try to model what it means to lead and not follow.

This is called a university and not a “diversity” for a reason! We believe in unity and not division. We are not segregationists. We refuse to separate those things that should be bound together. Fact cannot say to faith; “I have no need of thee”. Head cannot be separated from heart, and you can’t segregate belief from behavior or sever reason from religion and be a whole human being. We are integrationists because we are people of integrity.

At OKWU, we take seriously the words of Bonhoeffer: “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless.” Now is the time for coming together in one voice, under one banner for one common cause. Now is the time to practice what we preach.

Thank for supporting Oklahoma Wesleyan. Thank you standing with us in unity and in truth. Thank you for championing our mission to impact culture with the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


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