A new semester has arrived and for the 14th year in a row, Oklahoma Wesleyan University is blessed to be able to report record numbers! In August, we welcomed the largest freshman class ever to the OKWU Bartlesville campus. Total student enrollment now tops 1,700. The paint is hardly dry in our newly constructed residence hall and already we find ourselves nearly over capacity.

Dr. and Mrs. Piper in Oxford, EnglandOklahoma Wesleyan’s reputation for excellence and integrity is no longer just a regional discussion—it is a national one. The name of Oklahoma Wesleyan University is known in the halls of Congress, on the steps of the Supreme Court, in the national media and beyond. Our university’s stand for Biblical justice and religious freedom is respected coast to coast. Our fight to impact culture with the Lordship of Jesus Christ inspires thousands as they seek to practice wisdom and lead with character and courage. OKWU’s mission is making a difference in our country and around the globe. We are indeed blessed, and we are humbled by and grateful for God’s protection and provision.
This past summer, I was privileged to spend five weeks studying at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics in Oxford, England. Every day for over a month, I enjoyed learning from some of the best apologists of our day. Each week I was honored to sit with students from around the world as we were challenged by the instruction of scholars such as Os Guinness, John Lennox, and Michael Ramsden. Every class was a challenge. Every assignment was a stretch. Every lecture was humbling. Every prayer was inspiring.

Dr. Piper in Oxford, England

When I returned from Oxford to Oklahoma, I did so even more convinced of the importance of OKWU and our mission. The world is unraveling. Social cohesion hangs by a thin thread. Moral clarity has been lost. There is no longer a cultural glue to bind us together. Power has replaced principle and Caesar is now more revered than Christ. Europe teeters on the edge and America lists aimlessly at sea. Our leaders lack character and our country lacks leaders. The only solution to the the chaos is the Church. The only ideas that will rescue us from the inevitable are those ideas embedded in the Oklahoma Wesleyan mission: those time tested truths of the primacy of Christ, the priority of Scripture, the pursuit of Truth and the practice of Wisdom.

We need OKWU today more than ever. Thank you for making it possible for us to impact the world!

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