Greetings Alumni, Students, and Friends of the University

University Relations is pleased to introduce you to the Spring 2014 Digital Tower Edition.

This edition is similarly modeled after our team’s role within the University: both are about making connections. University Relations strives to connect our alumni with the alma mater that provided them with so many marvelous memories. We strive to connect our alumni with each other, as they share the common bond of a Christian community and strong education. We strive to connect our current students with our alumni so they may see the world of possibilities that their education provides. We also strive to connect the University with our community and find opportunities to serve and to share. This is a place where we can come together, discuss, learn and be sharpened.

Our focus in this edition is the connection between our faith and our daily lives. In truth, we believe that they cannot be separated. Our faith influences our decisions and informs our actions. Certainly, our faith and worldview inform our education. Our alumni have many different careers, and live in many different places, but something connects us all as Christians: our faith.

We believe that as Christians, we should not segregate our faith from our careers, families, and communities. As Emmy Award-winning producer and author of Roaring Lambs Bob Briner said, “It’s time for believers to confidently carry their faith with them into the marketplace so that our very culture feels the difference.”

Oklahoma Wesleyan University is equipping students to do just that by integrating faith into our course work and by providing learning opportunities beyond the classroom. The Forum for Faith, Freedom and Justice has been developed with this purpose in mind.

2013 was a busy year for the Forum. The Orange Movement partnered with Venture Expeditions for the Color Run to raise funds to fight human trafficking. The Keating Center hosted Senator Rick Santorum, as well as Stephen Moore from the Wall Street Journal. And The Josh McDowell Institute opened its doors for the inaugural Josh McDowell Institute Reclamation Conference. Joining the Forum this spring is the Booker T. Washington Institute.

After an impressive semester filled with top quality speakers and events, it is hard to imagine what more is in store, but this upcoming semester promises even more excitement. Check out the rest of this Tower for more news and updates.

We are thankful that you are a part of the OKWU family and have chosen to connect with us.

The University Relations Team
Marci, Nicole, Lynn-Holly, Caleb

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