University Relations is pleased to introduce you to the Summer 2014 Online Tower.

This edition was structured with the theme of “freedom” in mind. The month of July reminds many of us about the cost and sacrifice that many gave in order for this country to govern itself. A highly motivating story for our department was “Fighting for Freedom,” in which we got to connect with OKWU alumni who have served their country. Another equally fascinating set of interviews centered around the students who are active in The Orange Movement, as their obvious concern for the freedom and safety of others shows in their work.

We also go over the idea of religious liberty in this country with a feature written by Dr. Everett Piper, which gives an update on the Green family’s lawsuit concerning the Affordable Healthcare Act, and commends their stance in the face of criticism. The Green family’s religious convictions exemplify in some part the freedom that Christians have through Christ, in which we are also responsible to act and obey.

We considered the constraints that a student can often feel when it comes to choosing a major that will define their career path, and are glad to introduce the Pursue program.

Lastly, an important feature of each Tower is our Eagles in Action series, which lists the stats and stand-out players from each athletic team from the past season. Whether you are still a student or you are an alumni, many of us can attest to how difficult it is to go hard for one’s team while also studying for classes.

As the summer officially comes to a close and the Fall semester begins, we hope that our students had some time to get a restful break (which is unlikely if you were on a ministry team or church plant)! If you’d like to keep in touch with the university, follow our Twitter and Instagram, and check out our News page for press releases and updates.

Have a great Fall!

The University Relations Team

Marci, Nicole, Lauren, Caleb

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