Impacting Culture, Quietly

The quiet and profound support of one couple dedicated to higher education at OKWU has been changing lives for decades. Acts 20:35 | 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

Reflections by Samantha Peterson (’06, ’09) Vice President of Enrollment and Adult & Graduate Studies


Impacting the world for the Kingdom of Christ: there are so many commands in Scripture where God instructs us how to use the resources given to us for His glory. I further believe that discovering what it means to be impactful as God has individually called us can be a lifelong journey. Meeting people who have made this discovery and consistently walk in the grace and generosity associated with their ability to impact is profound.

What I think is easy to miss are the real ‘soldiers for Christ’ that prayerfully and faithfully support God’s work at OKWU. They ask for no public thanks and are happy to remain anonymous. There is no better example of Christ’s love at OKWU than Don and Naomi Mueller. I’ll be honest—for me, the monetary support they give to OKWU is least in the importance of ways they support the University. From prayer support and admiration of the staff and faculty, to personal notes in every correspondence sent, Don and Naomi encourage the OKWU team to continue to walk in God’s grace and continue impacting the world for the Kingdom of Christ. Their handwritten notes of encouragement tend to sit on my desk for weeks after I’ve received them.

I’m a 16-year product of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. I have seen countless miracles here; both in my own life and in those around me. God’s presence on this campus is alive and well. Don and Naomi understand what it means to be impactful. I am forever grateful for the example they set, and OKWU is a better place because of them!

“From the sharing of their time and talents through teaching and
serving on the Board of Trustees, to their faithful giving, to helping us make vital connections, Don and Naomi have long been a profound
blessing – not just to the University, but to me personally.” – Dr. Piper.

You can join the Muellers and many others supporting the mission of OKWU by impacting culture at www.OKWU.edu/give

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