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Alumni Update Fall 2020

Lauralyn (Bettis, ’18) and Gabe Belden (‘19) were married May 15, 2017 and will be welcoming their first child in March.

Blythe (Freshwater, ’20) and Kody Moseman (’18) were married August 31, 2019. They are expecting their first child in March.

Sierra (Roth, ’17) and Kyle Essary (‘16) proudly announce their career developments. Kyle currently serves as Project Coordinator at Community Care, while Sierra works for Children’s Musical Theatre in Tulsa, OK.

Natalie (Noble, ‘08) and Darek Keen were married August 2018 in Sioux Falls, SD. They welcomed their first child, Adelaide Keen, in May of this year. They currently live in Houston, TX, where Natalie works for Phillips 66 and Darek works as a mechanical engineer.

Mitsy (Cardoso, ’18) and Jake Campbell (‘19) were married March 21, 2020, in Arvada, CO.

Ashleigh Johnson (‘15), is excited to be entering her fifth year of teaching at Wright Christian Academy, in Tulsa. She teaches English, ACT Prep, and Comp. 1.

Mandy (Muncy, ’14) and Andrew Blain (’13) were married May 24, 2014. Their first daughter, Harper, was born February 1, 2019. Andrew teaches at Madison Middle School and Mandy is working as an ER nurse at Jane Phillips Medical Center in Bartlesville.

Lindsay (McKenna, ’19) and Ryan Jones (’19) were married in June 2019. They live in Sioux Falls, SD, and are expecting a baby girl in November.

Mikaela (Jones, ’18) and Adam Smailes were married November 16, 2019, in McKinney, TX.

Brandi (Smith) and David Dunn (’12) were married May 26, 2017. They welcomed their first child, Marilyn Ruth Dunn, on May 1, 2019.

Cassie (Burpo, 18) and Keaton Divelbiss (’18) were married January 19, 2020. They live in Norman, OK.

Todd Nettleton (’92) looks forward to the publication of his new book, When Faith is Forbidden: 40 Days on the Frontlines with Persecuted Christians, to be released by Moody Publishers in March. It‘s available for pre-order wherever you buy books. Todd and his wife, Charlotte (England, ’93), continue to reside in Bartlesville.

Kirsten (Fisher, ’17) and Caleb Wilson (’17) were married September 3, 2017. On January 13, 2020, their first child, Elsa, was born.

Katie (Stone, ‘19) and Colton (‘17) Frederick were married May 19, 2018, in Yakima, WA. They welcomed their son Benjamin Lane August 18, 2020.

Sarah (Dunn, ’15) and John Sutton were married November 18, 2017. They welcomed their first child, Mikel Glenn, on September 13, 2018, and their second, Charles Andrew, on July 24, 2020.

Grace (Wilson) and Justin Bowman (’18) were married May 5, 2018. Grace gave birth to twins—Libby Ann Bowman and James Asher Bowman—on April 9, 2020.

Ruann (‘20) and Sunshine (‘10) Hattingh welcomed their first child, Julietta Setsuko, May 14, 2017, and their second, Lynetta Catherine—a pandemic baby—on June 24, 2020.

Becky (Dunn, ’09) and Ishmael Maldonado were married September 1, 2019.

Kameron (Mendez, ‘19) and Colby Martinez (’19) married August 1, 2020.

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