Oklahoma Wesleyan’s student body has been recognized for its diversity, athletic talent and academic achievements. Our students are from nearly 30 states and more than 15 different countries. Each student has a story that makes him or her a unique part of OKWU culture.

What unifies our culture, though, is a powerful sense of community—students loving and serving and achieving excellence together. Two students who represent this ideal are seniors Chloe Canfield and Aaron Terrill.


chloe-canfieldChloe is a Secondary English Education major from Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a high school student, she heard Dr. Piper speak at OKWU during Worldview Academy, a Christian apologetics camp for students. Dr. Piper’s leadership and OKWU’s mission stood out to Chloe, and were a deciding factor in her choice to attend.

Today, Chloe is an active member of OKWU’s student body. During her sophomore year, she served on the Spiritual Life team, and has been part of the Chapel Worship team for five semesters. She also has been involved as a Student Mentor, helping incoming freshman make a successful transition into college. Chloe has organized student bible studies and the campus missions prayer group. In the community beyond OKWU, Chloe is a small group leader for KLIFE, a Christian discipleship ministry for youth and their families. Through her experience at OKWU, Chloe made a connection with a Christian camp, Camp War Eagle, where she served two summers during her college career.

Academically, Chloe is one of OKWU’s brightest. Her professors note that she produces top-quality work, and she served as the Junior Marshall in the 2015 May Commencement. She was also recently inducted into the Oklahoma Kappa chapter of the Alpha Chi Honor Society as a result of her scholastic achievement.

Dr. Lisa Riggs, Assistant Professor of English and Literature, says “Not only is Chloe intellectually gifted, she also has a heart for the Lord and for others… [Her] willing heart and sweet disposition make her a blessing to all who know her.”

Chloe’s post-graduation plans reflect this attitude of service: “I truly believe I have a God-given passion for unreached people groups—so I consider it my calling to bring the gospel to people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to hear about Jesus… Missions is my ultimate goal.”

Her time at OKWU has been life changing, Chloe says;

“The best thing is definitely the people I’ve met. Not only have I made my best friends here, but I’ve also made so many connections that will help me with the direction I want to go in life. Because of the people here, I’ve had opportunities I never would have had otherwise…I was able to serve as a missions intern to the Fotizo people, I’ve made so many connections with Global Partners (which I could very well end up going overseas with in the future), and I know I’ll keep in contact with my professors for the rest of my life!”


aaron terrillAaron Terrill is a Senior Financial Economics major with a minor in Accounting. Going into college, Aaron knew he wanted to play soccer. OKWU had the kind of soccer program he was looking for, and there was a family connection, too. His parents are both alumni and his sister Morgan, was also attending when he made his decision to join the OKWU family.

A native of Shawnee, Kansas, Aaron was active in his home church, and his involvement continued as a member of the OKWU community. Aaron’s academic excellence was quickly recognized at the Chesapeake Energy School of Business. He became a participant in the Pareto Group facilitated by Dr. Wendel Weaver, which is only open to the top 20% of CESB students. Says Dr. Weaver, “Aaron is super charismatic—he is just a guy people want to be around. He has great character and is a hard worker.”

A four-year varsity soccer player, Aaron has made time to be on the Spiritual Life team, was both a Resident Assistant (RA) and Student Mentor, and leads a small group at KLIFE. He has also participated in RESTORE (OKWU’s student community volunteer group) and been a speaker at Altar, the Sunday-night student-led chapel.

Ben Rotz, Assistant Vice President of Student Development, says of Aaron,

“When I think of students who understand and embody the 4Ps, I think of Aaron. He pursues Christ above all, he’s passionate about God’s truth in Scripture, and he seeks to practice what he preaches by leading and serving his fellow students.”

Aaron isn’t sure what life after college will be yet, but is looking at a few opportunities; which—Dr. Weaver noted for him—include two major corporations vying for his attention. Aaron is also passionate about being involved in missions and sharing the Gospel, saying “What I’ve loved most [at OKWU] is seeing God change a lot of lives since I’ve been here. Him allowing me to be a part of that has been a really cool experience.”

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