Pioneers in Free Enterprise Fellows

At this year’s annual Foster Bonanza gala, Oklahoma Wesleyan is excited to honor two very special families—the first-ever Pioneers in Free Enterprise Fellows in the Keating Center Pioneers Hall of Fame. This designation will be given to celebrate key individuals who have been pioneers in the marketplace, the community, and in the Church.

The Pioneers are defined as individuals who are leaders that “open or prepare –a way, a business or organization—and then set the stage for occupation or development by others”. In other words, pioneers go first. They are selfless, assertive, and forward thinking. They are bridge-builders, bringing others together and helping them flourish as well. This year’s inaugural Fellows are Kevin and Dorea Potter, of Bartlesville, OK, and Richard and Alice Adee, of Sioux Falls, SD. Both of these couples exceed the standards for being pioneers in their fields and communities.

The Potters are long time members of the Bartlesville community and have been pioneers in the field of radio from the start. Kevin and Dorea married and owned and operated their first radio stations in Illinois before moving to Bartlesville where they now operate several stations and have started additional business ventures in cellular towers and more. They both have been involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) since college, have served on dozens of community boards and contributed greatly to the life of the community. Kevin currently serves on OKWU’s Foundation Board and Dorea is the force behind the Stonecroft Women’s Ministry for Bartlesville and involved in many other organizations. The Potters are long-time members of Grace Community Church and dear friends of OKWU.

richard and alice adeeRichard Adee was introduced early to beekeeping by his father and four uncles. Teachers by trade, they stumbled onto beekeeping as a way to supplement teaching salaries during the depression years. He married his high school sweetheart, Alice Bergstrom, in 1959. Together they worked to grow the company, and today, Adee Honey Farms is the largest commercial beekeeping operation in the country. Richard and Alice are long time members of the GracePoint Wesleyan Church and Alice served as an OKWU Board of Trustees member for 17 years. Upon her retiring from the Board, her daughter Marla joined as a Trustee in 2010. The newest dorm on the campus of OKWU will be named in their honor for their many years of service and generous giving to the University on the same day of the Bonanza.

“OKWU is incredibly blessed to have both the Potters and Adees as our partners in impacting culture with the Lordship of Jesus Christ,” said Dr. Piper. “I’m personally humbled by their friendship, and grateful—beyond measure—for their loyalty.”


Learn more about the Pioneers Fellows and the Foster Bonanza at OKWU.edu/bonanza

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