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Education to lead with integrity.

OKWU’s Bachelor of Science in marketing is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of marketing by opening the door of opportunity. Marketing serves as the link between an organization and its customers – and since customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of an organization, marketing professionals are increasingly valuable in the job market.

Logos and Logos

A company’s logo is their brand, their symbol, and the face they show to the public. The logo communicates what the company stands for, what their values are, and reflects on their product. But logos, in Greek, means “the word,” referring in the Bible to Jesus, the incarnate Word of God. Even more than teaching technical excellence of a craft, our Marketing program strives to instill an understanding of this dichotomy. Our graduates understand that a Christian’s logo is, in fact, the logos – Jesus Christ, primary in all areas of our curriculum. This program emphasizes the importance of making strategic choices, choosing ethical practices, and executing tactical decisions.


Marketing majors at OKWU graduate prepared to serve in marketing roles in a variety of organizations – private, governmental, and nonprofit. These marketing positions are highly visible roles and can serve as primary stepping stones to advancement. Eagle graduates have the advantage of integrity in a highly competitive field. OKWU also offers valuable connections to some of the biggest companies in the Midwest through internships and practical, hands-on teaching from experienced professionals.

Taught by the Best. At Oklahoma Wesleyan, our students study under seasoned business professionals with proven expertise in their field, who are committed to integrating real-world experience with classroom curriculum. In addition, Eagles participate in internships with the most vibrant companies in our area, graduating with proven experience and connections in the field.

Your Courses May Include:

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Business Ethics
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Corporate Finance
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Principles of Advertising
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Consumer Behavior
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Marketing Management

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