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Open the door to a world of Christian thought and wisdom with the Letters Program.




Bachelor of Arts in Letters

The Bachelor of Arts in Letters (OKWU Honors College) teaches students how to think broadly and Christianly through an interdisciplinary focus on Scripture, great books, and Humanities. Honors College double-majors also earn an additional bachelor’s degree in the field of their choice and go on to careers in medicine, education, law, ministry, and more.

Students in the OKWU Honors College may earn a double-major in four years, for no additional cost. Graduate combine the major of their choice with our Honors College Bachelor of Arts in Letters (a degree in the Humanities) to get more from the college experience.

The OKWU Honors Program exists to transform students into engaged, influential leaders who embrace Christian faith and broad learning by using an integrated, classical education focused upon the Head, Hands, Heart, and Habits. 

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Smaller Class Sizes

Honors College programs have smaller class sizes, which can lead to more personalized attention from professors. This fosters a more interactive and engaging learning environment.

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Enhanced Academic Rigor

Honors College courses offer a higher level of academic challenge. Courses are designed to be intellectually stimulating and they help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Seminars in the Honors College cover interdisciplinary topics and provide opportunities for deeper exploration of subjects. They can be intellectually enriching and help students make connections between different fields of study.

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Career Path

Honors College graduates are not limited to a single career path. Instead, they combine their Honors education in the Humanities with the degree of their choice to go wherever God has called them.


GPA: 3.5 and above
Application Essay
Letter or Recommendation

Earn Your Bachelor of Arts in Letters

“The exciting thing about an Honors College double-major is that it combines the best of a classical education in the humanities—literature, Bible, and critical thinking—with whatever specific field to which God has called you. It gives you more out of your college experience, with no additional cost, and no additional time in school.”

– Dr. Josh McNall, Director of the OKWU Honors College

Taught from a Christian Worldview
Double major for no extra cost
Become a well-rounded learner

Why Honors College Matters

Because Honors degrees are interdisciplinary—teaching students how to think creatively and critically—graduates are uniquely prepared to adapt to a changing world. With innovations like “AI” (artificial intelligence) transforming the job-landscape, Honors graduates are equipped to be ready for whatever lies in store.

The major features pedagogy centered around an Oxford-tutorial model, primarily utilizing seminars and small-group tutoring sessions, along with hybrid online coursework. Our curriculum is focused upon great character, using the great books and great questions as guides.

Taught by Experts

Professors in the Honors College come from various Schools across campus, bringing their individual expertise to the classroom and helping students make connections between different subjects. Students in the Honors College also receive specialized advising and mentoring, which can help them navigate their academic and career paths more effectively.

Smaller class sizes
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Featured Core Classes

God, Salvation, and the New Testament

A study of the New Testament’s theme of the inbreaking Kingdom of God as proclaimed and enacted in the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The spiritual, ethical, political, and social implications of the gospel are explored in their first-century context and ongoing relevance.

Contextualizing History: Biblical and Secular

A readings-based survey of the central themes in Western thought, religion, and culture and the antecedent civilizations which influenced the emergence of the west, with special emphasis given to resulting modern political theory and the consequences of both Biblical and secular thought.

Rhetoric and Speaking as Influence

A study of the classical and modern theories of public speaking and interpersonal communication as forms of influence. With significant influence given upon persuasive speech, other topics may include interpersonal and group communication, and conflict management. Special attention will be given to the ethics and responsibility of influence and leadership.

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