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Letters (Honors)

Head, heart, hands, and habits.

The OKWU Honors Program exists to transform students into engaged, influential leaders who embrace Christian orthodoxy and liberal learning by using an integrated, classical pedagogy focused upon the Head, Hands, Heart, and Habits.

The focus of the program is to weigh and embrace Paul’s statement: “Follow me as I follow Christ,” because the next generation will lead us, whether we train them for it or not.


The major features pedagogy centered around an Oxford-tutorial model, primarily utilizing seminars and small-group tutoring sessions, along with hybrid online coursework. Our curriculum is focused upon great character, using the great books and great questions as guides.

The gen-ed core will be completed during the students’ first four semesters. The remaining four semesters will be centered around student character and calling. (In the gen-ed core, students attend a 4 hour Monday night honors seminar; the additional 5 hours per week are completed using the Oxford-tutorial model and hybrid coursework noted above.)


ACT: 24 and above
SAT: 1180 and above
GPA: 3.5 and above
Application Essay

Your Courses May Include:

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Rationality of Christian Worldview
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Reasoning in Ethics
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God, Salvation, and the New Testament
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Classical Writing
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Government and U.S. Democracy in Biblical Context
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Cognition: The Psychology of Emotion

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