Commencement marks the pinnacle of academic achievement, and Oklahoma Wesleyan University proudly celebrates the occasion with formal pomp and circumstance. We are committed to maintaining a safe campus environment for all members of the university community.


December 2022 Graduation Applications

Application for graduation is due Oct 5th in order to participate in commencement.


Graduation photography is provided by Craig’s Photography LLC. Following the event, visit to view and purchase images. Please contact the photographer directly with questions.

FALL 2022


Graduates are invited to an in-person Commencement on Saturday, December 17, 2022, in the Chapel Fine Arts Center at OKWU. This is an ‘non-ticketed’ event with seating on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please see ‘Guest Information’ below for further details.

Graduation Schedule

Friday, December 16th
7 PM: Celebration Service at Chapel Fine Arts Center

Celebration Service is REQUIRED for all Traditional students; we encourage any GPS student to attend if possible

Saturday December 17th
10:30 AM: Commencement Ceremony at Chapel Fine Arts

9:30 AM: Student Check-In
9:30 AM: Auditorium doors open for guests
10:30 AM: Commencement Ceremony
Alumni celebration in Chapel Foyer and east green space after the ceremony; graduates please stop by and pick up your alumni gift. 

Updated Commencement Protocols
At this time, no COVID-19 regulations will be enforced during the Fall commencement events. OKWU is continuing to monitor COVID-19 protocols and will take measures if necessary to provide safety and well being for our community members. Please refer to this webpage for updated information.

Guest Info

Guest entrances will be open at the northeast main entrance, Lyon Hall entrance, and northwest lower double doors entrance. Auditorium entrance will be open at 9:30 AM using both double door entrances on the north stairs, and the upper double doors on the south stairs. Guests are encouraged to sit towards the center of rows as seated to allow for as many guests a possible to be seated. Guests will be able to ‘save’ seats up until 10:10 AM; at that time ushers will ask that seats be open to any guests that arrive. Overflow seating will be available in Lyon Hall after 10:25 AM. Handicap parking is available in the parking lot of the northeast side of the Chapel Fine Arts Center building; please see the Campus Map link below for parking details.

For those guests unable to attend in person, we will offer a live streaming option on this page.

Following the Ceremony

The chapel auditorium will be locked for cleaning. Graduates will recess out to the Chapel Foyer and the east green space after the ceremony, weather permitting, to pick up their Alumni Association gift. There will be photo opportunities available.

Doc Lacy’s Coffee Shop will be open after the ceremony from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM to purchase beverages and school merchandise.  OKWU merchandise is available for purchase on the bookstore website.

Graduate Checklist
  • Graduation Application *see above link for graduate applications*
  • Order cap & gown *see ‘Regalia’ below for ordering information*
  • RSVP for Ceremony
    We need all graduates planning to attend the December Commencement ceremony to RSVP in order for us to have a final count. Please fill out the RSVP Form by November 15th
  • Commencement day information
    • Check in: 9:00 AM Southwest lower double doors into Lyon Hall
    • Rehearsal: 9:45 AM Lyon Hall
    • Line up: 10:15 AM Chapel Foyer
    • Commencement Ceremony: 10:30 AM Chapel Fine Arts Center
  • Do I have a plan for someone to hold my things during commencement?
    • Make sure you have someone available to care for your personal items
  • Did I convey the necessary info to my guests?
    • Make sure you have given your family and friends pertinent information regarding parking, seating, and commencement schedules (see 2022 December Commencement Graduate Letter via email)
  • How do I fill out exit counseling information for student loans?
    • Federal Student loans:
      • Go to:
        You will need your ID and two references with complete names, addresses, and phone numbers for these steps
        File the form and click ‘Submit’ at the end
      • The Office of Financial Aid will receive and automated notification when you have completed the process
    • TEACH Grant:
    • Private loans:
      • Please contact your private lender and file the necessary paperwork with that entity
Regalia and Dress Code

Graduates can order cap and gowns on the Herff Jones website; search for ‘Oklahoma Wesleyan University’ in the search bar, select the school name, select the graduate status that applies, select your degree, select ‘Continue’ and order the appropriate materials needed.

All graduate regalia needs to be ordered no later than November 17th, 2022 to ensure they get delivered on time.

Only official OKWU regalia is allowed. However, you may decorate your cap if it is consistent with OKWU community standards, which are described as OKWU distinctives (page 7) and conduct expectations (page 42-48) in our Student Handbook. If it is deemed inconsistent, you may not be able to walk in the ceremony.

Acceptable dress code expectations will follow the OKWU Dress Code policy on page 46 of the Student Handbook. Please note, this is a formal event and graduates should wear proper attire that is acceptable in a professional setting. DO NOT wear shorts, t-shirts, sandals, jean’s or other attire that is not of a professional standard.

If you have any questions regarding regalia or dress code items, please contact:
Jimmy Neill
Administrative Specialist to the Provost

Health and Safety
  • Stay home if sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Livestreaming of the commencement will be available on this webpage for those unable to attend.
  • Practice good hygiene. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout university facilities.
  • Food and beverages (except water) are not permitted.
  • School safety officials and local law enforcement will be located on site to handle any situation outside the control of school staff or faculty. We ask that you please give them your highest level of respect when approached during any situation that may require their assistance.
Diplomas and Transcripts
  • If your alumni mailing address has changed since completing your graduation application, you will have the opportunity to update it in the link below. OKWU will make the address you submit in the link your address of record with OKWU. However, if at any time in the future your address changes, please update it using this link.
  • Diplomas will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks after your degree is conferred, which is the last date of the term/semester when all graduation requirements are completed. Transcripts are available for order within 7-10 days after the end of the term through this link.
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions.
Event Contact Information

For any questions, comment, or concerns regarding commencement weekend, please contact:
Jimmy Neill
Administrative Specialist to the Provost

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