Kedrick Nettleton, Staff Writer

Oklahoma Wesleyan University conferred degrees to more than 160 graduating students over the weekend.

Commencement festivities were spread throughout two ceremonies. The OKWU School of Nursing held its departmental pinning and commencement ceremony Friday, December 14, at 1:00 PM, awarding degrees to 46 nursing students, five of whom completed their Master of Science in Nursing. The remaining departments conferred degrees to 118 students, 43 of whom completed master’s degrees, at Saturday’s commencement at 10:30 AM. 15 graduates had earned associate degrees from OKWU’s School of Arts and Sciences or the OKWU School of Ministry and Christian Thought.

Both ceremonies were held in Lyon Chapel and Fine Arts Center, and featured a student testimonial from one of the graduates. Sheri Ann Todd gave the testimonial at Nursing Commencement, having received her Master of Science in Nursing. Iana Shestovets, receiving her Master of Business Administration, delivered her student testimonial at Saturday’s ceremony.

President Jim Dunn delivered the keynote address at both ceremonies, focusing on the theme of perseverance. Dunn noted that, though the graduates may have just completed their final tests, graduation is anything but final. “To get to graduation day is a magnificent beginning,” he said. “Today is a day of beginning for you.”

And as a day of beginning, Dunn noted, graduates are not finished. “Persevere. Bear down. Reach the goal. Hold firm. Get some guts. Show some grit,” he said. “Because Christ lives in you, you can endure to the end.”

Following the ceremony, graduates and their parents were hosted at a reception on the second floor of the Janice and Charles Drake Library, where they had a chance to meet with faculty and other graduates, as well as fill out information regarding the OKWU Alumni Association.

To watch the ceremonies in their entirety, click here.

For any other graduation information, such as a full schedule of the weekend or for information regarding transcripts and diplomas, check the web page.

“Persevere. Bear down. Reach the goal. Hold firm. Get some guts. Show some grit… Because Christ lives in you, you can endure to the end.”

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