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The Best Reasons to Take a Free Online Course at OKWU— It’s More Than Just Free


OKWU is offering a free online course to new and current students.

Traditional undergraduate students enrolling for Fall 2020 are encouraged to take advantage of this convenient option, offered during the summer and J-Term sessions. That’s free college credit towards your degree! Register by July 1, 2020 for a free online course.

This is a terrific opportunity to take the pressure off your fall schedule. Fewer distractions and well-used down time will help you focus on other extracurricular interests, sports, or a job. Browse free online courses and details about this offer.

While the timeline of a new normal post-pandemic is unknown, it remains true that tomorrow needs you. Developing motivated leaders and innovators through a Christian worldview is OKWU’s specialty, providing students the traction to excel in any economy. This free course is one way OKWU is demonstrating how we care about you and are willing to invest in you.

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Summer break brings to mind sunshine, days on the beach, and a chance to unwind from the rigors of academics for most students. This summer, enrolling in an online course at OKWU could be the best way to upgrade your college experience— without losing your summer vacation or breaking the bank. And the offer extends past this summer; the free online course can be taken during the J-Term.

The biggest benefit to enrolling at OKWU is a Christ-centered education, prioritizing the transformation of the whole person. OKWU will help you discover, live, and deepen your relationship in Jesus to influence culture with Grace & Truth.

Here’s Why It’s the Best Time to Consider a Degree From OKWU

  • Free Credit Towards an Already Affordable Degree
  • Get a Jump on College
  • Graduate Early or on Time
  • Knock Out Tough Classes
  • Take Pressure Off Your Fall Schedule
  • Boost Your GPA
  • Learn With Fewer Distractions and Down Time
  • Avoid the Summer Learning Gap
  • Start a New Major or Minor
  • Connect with Professors and Classmates 
  • Build Your Resume and Gain Experience for Future Job Interviews

How to take advantage of this special offer:

New students must be accepted and confirmed for full-time Fall 2020 as a traditional undergraduate students. Apply online or contact your Admissions Counselor for more information on eligibility and how to enroll. If you do not know who your counselor is, please email admissions@okwu.edu.

Current students must enroll for Fall 2020 and enroll through WebAccess.

Course fee applies if a student takes the class and does not attend Fall 2020. This offer includes the flexibility and convenience of 100% interactive online learning and great value towards your degree. 

See Details and Eligible Classes

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