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It may sound cliche, but teaching really is one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs out there. 

There are many kinds of teachers worth celebrating – classroom teachers, those who provide special education services, those who conduct choirs and bands, speech therapists and behavioral supports, and those who offer assistance as interventionists. Although one week is set aside each year for Teacher Appreciation Week, teachers should be celebrated 365 days a year.

Teachers bring out the best in students. 

Educators do far more than just teach content and grade papers. They inspire students to dream big, grow their understanding of the world, expose students to different cultures, and engage students by creating motivating and exciting learning environments. Classrooms are now dynamic environments where students interact, learn from one another, use multiple platforms to showcase their knowledge, and study real-world problems. This does not happen by accident! Teachers intentionally set students up for success by planning integrated and hands-on learning each and every day to allow students to flourish, regardless of strength and skill level, with a growth mindset.  

Teaching is a lifestyle. 

Teachers make an incredible difference in the lives of students, and they know it. They protect students by making their classrooms a safe space where students can take risks, share vulnerabilities, and often help to keep students fed, clothed, and healthy through various programs. For teachers, it is more than just a “job.” Educators put in countless hours outside of the school day in order to optimize and personalize learning for each student. They remember birthdays, attend soccer games on Saturdays, and even make house calls if it means boosting a child’s confidence or achievement. When they are not in school, they are constantly thinking of ways to improve each lesson to help students achieve their full potential. Our students are indelibly shaped by our teachers!  

Because teachers love teaching, they also love learning!  And great teachers make great leaders. Here at OKWU, teachers can take advantage of our groundbreaking M.Ed. program, with two tracks – Administrative and Classroom Management.  OKWU’s Master’s in Education program is designed for teachers and educational professionals. Upon completion of courses, teachers will possess the appropriate knowledge, skills, and professional abilities to be successful leaders in the K-12 arena. We understand how hard our dedicated teachers work, too, so this program is offered at a discounted tuition rate. Interested educators can learn more about our entirely online program HERE before the next session starts on July 4. 

For teachers, it is more than just a “job.”

Teachers make a lasting impact. 

Educators work tirelessly because they understand that their actions today will positively impact the next generation. They have the unique opportunity to shape that future in an optimistic direction – preparing the next generation to be more empathetic, more thoughtful, and more engaged in their community and beyond.    

These last two years have been tough, but teachers have proven they are tougher.  Teachers have demonstrated that being able to adapt and yet maintain high standards for students is possible, and our students and families are in a better position for maintaining academic achievement and staying on track for successful graduation and grade-level performance because of all our teachers have done and continue to do.   

Here at OWKU, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the infinite ways teachers have blessed today’s students through their hard work and dedication! Thank you, teachers, for going above and beyond expectations each day! 

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