Graduate and Professional Studies

There’s no doubt that continuing your education is an excellent way to set yourself up for success and open doors for career paths you may never have thought possible.

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe they don’t have time to further their education or believe that it won’t enhance their life. At OKWU, we believe differently. Pursuing your education pays dividends and helps you position yourself for a brighter future. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t let another day go by before pursuing your degree. 

Increased Salary 

Pursuing higher education is one of the best ways to put yourself in a position for a higher salary; when you have more qualifications, you can demand higher pay. In fact, the Bureau Of Labor Statistics found that an advanced education can increase your salary by thousands of dollars every year! On average, a person with a degree makes two times more than someone without one.  

Better Positioning For A Promotion 

Employers like it when you invest time into improving yourself, especially when you increase your qualifications to do more advanced work. Expanding your education sets you apart from others and gives you a better chance of receiving a promotion. Often, positions open within companies first, and employers would rather hire internally than search for outside candidates.  

Easier Career Transitions 

Having an advanced degree gives you more options and makes choosing a new career path easier. Most professions require continued education, so put yourself ahead by obtaining a degree!   

Increased Marketability 

You are a more attractive candidate with a degree, and especially with an advanced degree. Many professions have a base requirement of one degree, so having more gives you an edge over the competition. 


We know how hard it is to work in your education around your busy life, which is why we tailor our courses for working adults and professionals. 


It’s clear why pursuing continuing education is so valuable, but there’s still the matter of time cost. What can you do if you’re a working professional and don’t have time to sit in a classroom for hours? Oklahoma Wesleyan University is the preferred choice for hard-working men and women who want a college degree but don’t have time for in-class education.  

Whether you’re looking to further your career or make the career transition you’ve always dreamed of, OKWU’s Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) program makes obtaining your degree easy. Our GPS department offers associates, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees entirely online, so you can go at your own pace. Students can start classes year-round, with start dates every five to eight weeks, so you never have to worry about missing out.  

Don’t let another summer go by stuck in the same old rut; take steps to change your life by starting online courses. With classes to fit your busy schedule, it’s never been easier to get your degree!

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