Professor Jon Ensor

Jon Ensor

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Chapel and Fine Arts Center 210

Jon Ensor

Dr. Jonathan Ensor is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, receiving his B.A. in Biblical Studies in 2005. After years of teaching in secondary education and ministry in the local church, Ensor completed his master’s degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and recently completed his formal education by successfully defending his doctoral thesis at the London School of Theology.

Ensor’s investment in education reflects the impact that instructors have had in his own life. Through his early experiences teaching, he discovered a robust faith that could go the distance, and he teaches with the hope that his classes would function similarly, as a laboratory for personal and communal formation, drawing both student and teacher further into worship and mission through rigorous study.

“The best part of my job is always the people. I look forward to meeting with and learning alongside my students and fellowshipping and learning from my colleagues. For all of this to occur in a setting that is explicitly committed to historically orthodox faith in Christ makes my work a true joy.”


Introduction to New Testament Literature

Introduction to Old Testament Literature

Hebrews and General Epistles

Acts of the Apostles

The Prophets

The Gospels


Covenants in Context

Elementary Biblical Hebrew I and II


  • I Corinthians: A General Reader. Michael W. Halcomb, Fredrick J. Long, eds. Wilmore, KY: GlossaHouse (forthcoming)
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