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Mike Fullingim

Professor of Religion, Intercultural Studies, and Linguistics

Chapel and Fine Arts Center 210

Mike Fullingim

Dr. Mike Fullingim has been in higher education for the better part of four decades. He received his AA from Miltonvale Wesleyan College, his BA in Religion from Southern Nazarene University, and both his MA in Descriptive Literature and his Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is a lifelong member of The Wesleyan Church and was ordained by the denomination in July 1973.

Dr. Fullingim and his wife, Barbara, served as career missionaries among the Wiru-speaking people of the Southern Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea. They established Missionary Training Institute (MTI) for Global Partners in 1994 and co-directed MTI for twelve years, facilitating the pre-field intercultural training for over two hundred new missionaries serving with Global Partners, Wesleyan Native American Ministries, and World Hope International.

Mike has also assisted in establishing the summer EuroCamp ministries of Global Opportunity-Network (GO-Net) in the former Eastern Bloc nations of Russia, Czech Republic, and Albania.

His scholarly interests are in Contextualization of the Gospel, Oceanic linguistics and ethnography, Islam, and Semantic Structure Analysis of New Testament Greek.

“Both in and out of the classroom, I am committed to inciting and inflaming the passion and skills that will equip students for life-long learning, critical thinking, and Christ-like servanthood in a multicultural and pluralistic world.”

Courses Taught:

Literature of the Old Testament

Introduction to Intercultural Studies

International Human Rights

Contemporary Global Models

Global Context of Service

Global Human Suffering

Descriptive Linguistics

New Testament Greek (I-IV)

Cultural Anthropology


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Ordained Elder, The Wesleyan Church

Member, American Missiological Society

Member, Personnel Committee for Global Partners


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