Outstanding Service: Orange Movement

Darrell Allison is the 2017 Outstanding Service, Orange Movement Alumnus for Oklahoma Wesleyan University. This award recognizes an individual for outstanding service to the Church, community and the University.

This year, OKWU extends the award to Allison in recognition of his dedication as an alumnus, and former OKWU Board member. The additional category of the Orange Movement recognizes Allison’s service as Global Partners Kansas district director, and his mission work in Ecuador and around the world.

Allison chose to attend OKWU antecedent, Miltonvale Wesleyan College, because he wanted to attend a Christian college close to home. His decision paid off, he notes, in the life-long friendships made, and in his best memory: “meeting a girl, (Norva) who has become the love of my life” for 50 years and counting.

During his time at college, multiple leaders and professors—including Professor Ted Stuffredge, Professor William Goldsmith, President Wesley Knapp, Ira Shanafelt, and a fellow student, Jim Garlow—also had great influence on Allison’s life.

After graduation from Miltonvale in 1966, Allison became a partner in a farming business, and shortly after married Norva Johnson in 1967 The Allisons now have four children, Tamara, Darren, Sheryl, and Kimberly, and several grandchildren. Tamara, Sheryl, and Kimberly are all also graduates of the University.

Allison’s connection to OKWU and the Wesleyan Church did not end after graduation. He served on the Board of Trustees for Oklahoma Wesleyan from 1994 until 2016. He is also currently a member of the Kansas District Board of Administration and is the Global Partners Director for the Kansas District. In 2016, he became a member of the Water4Life Mozambique Board. Darrell’s continuous drive and motivation goes back to his passion to serve God:

“The passion of life for me is to serve God. That passion for Norva and I has been realized as we have been able to lead at least 60 mission teams to over 25 countries for more than 30 years, using the talents God has given us to teach, preach, and primarily to build churches and show His love. What a blessing it is to spread the gospel around the world!”

Darrell Allison continues to do missions work around the world, and connects his life mission to the values shared with the University: “The Four P’s, although not articulated that way, were lived out and taught while I studied at Miltonvale. Strong Christian values and priority of scripture are still of high priority.”


Interview by alumnus Caleb Anderson, Class of 2015
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