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Chapel & Fine Arts Center

The first building you’ll see entering campus is home to our pivotal School of Ministry and Christian Thought, and the Admissions Office. Students come together to worship in chapel twice a week. We hear from engaging speakers and take part in student-led worship.

Did You Know?

  • This is the largest building on our campus, front and center as you enter OKWU.
  • Lyon Hall is the largest classroom on campus, and often finds use as a student event venue.
  • If you play an instrument, you can find private practice rooms on the first floor of the chapel building. It’s a great place to build your skills!

Keating Center

The Keating Center is home to our Chesapeake Energy School of Business (we’re ranked as the #2 best college in Oklahoma for business majors by Zippia!). It also houses our award-winning Digital Cinema & Communication Arts programs, along with our rapidly growing Criminal Justice program. A hub for our students with entrepreneurial spirits and creative minds, the Keating Center is where new ideas and fresh perspectives come to life. Interested in educational travel? Enjoy photography and cinema? It all begins here!

Behind the Scenes:

  • Our business professors are professionals-turned-educators. This means they bring real-world experience, hands-on internships, and personal networks into their classrooms.
  • Want to see what our Digital Cinema & Graphic Design majors are up to? You can watch some of their short films, episodes of our campus tv show, and other new projects. Check it out here!

Campbell Science Building

The Campbell Science Building is home to our School of Nursing, as well as our Pre-Med, Science, and Mathematics majors. All the latest and greatest technology on campus is here. Whether you’re studying the fine and precise arts of medicine, mixing together random chemicals with crossed fingers, or soldering together the pieces of your newest creation, the Campbell Science Building is all about having hands-on experience. Here, our students quickly learn the importance of incorporating their faith into their vocation.

Side Effects May Include:

  • Committed Professors. Our faculty take pride in getting to know their students beyond the classroom, helping them grow spiritually, academically and personally.
  • Disaster Simulations. Every year, our School of Nursing creates a novel simulated emergency. As a student, try not to draw the short straw or you might end up with the exciting role of “Body #3.”

Drake Library

Located in the center of campus, the Drake Library is home to the School of Education and Exercise Science, as well as our Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). Here, you will often see students working together in private study rooms, checking out research books, or watching episodes of their favorite TV shows in one of our comfortable lounge areas.

What is the Academic Center for Excellence?

Commonly referred to as the “ACE”, this is where students come to get free tutoring from professors and grad students. It’s one of the most used services on we provide on campus. We’ve learned that by taking your essay to the ACE Center it will increase your grade, on average, by 3%!

Mueller Sports Center & Roberts Fitness Annex

The Mueller Sports Center & Roberts Fitness Annex (MSC) is home to our nationally recognized athletic teams, coaches’ offices, and our student workout facilities. Whether you’re attending a game, working out with your team, participating in intramurals, or trying to stay healthy in college, we have a little something for everyone here in the MSC. You can feel the energy in this building as soon as you enter! Be sure to be here on game-day, as our passionate students cheer on their Eagles.

What sports teams does OKWU compete in?

  • We have 17 Athletic Teams that compete in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) as members of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (KCAC).
  • Interested in becoming a student athlete? Email us: & check out our athletics website.

Carriage House & Outdoor Sports Courts

A hot spot on campus for recreation and activities, the Carriage House is home to our game room, campus security office, a fire pit, and outdoor sports courts. Indoors, you’ll find intense games of pool, ping-pong, and all sorts of video games. Outside, our students love to compete in sand volleyball and basketball tournaments, as well as cook s’mores and listen to students play music around our fire pit.

How We Keep You Safe:

Our biggest priority is our students, and we want to make sure you always feel safe on campus. Here at OKWU, we have 24/7 campus security that is always available and on call. For more information, check out our Campus Safety Page.

The La Quinta Mansion

The oldest building on our campus, the La Quinta Mansion is home to our Administrative Staff. Students love to study in H.V. Foster’s old office and attend events held by our Student Development staff, like banquets and game nights. Moving outside, the rose garden and south garden serve as great places to do morning devotions.  Be on the lookout for secret doors and tunnels as you explore this historic building.

Fun Facts About the La Quinta Mansion:

  • It was constructed in 1932 for the oilman H.V. Foster.
  • Widely recognized as an important historic landmark, it contains 32 rooms, 14 bathrooms, and 7 fireplaces.

To learn more about the La Quinta Mansion, check out our website!

Residential Life

We have an intentional approach to Residential Life here at OKWU. We have multiple layouts for both men’s and women’s dorms, ranging from community-style, suite-style and quad-style. Our returning students have the ability to choose the style that they prefer. Built with community in mind, students have easy access to common areas, such as dorm lobbies, where they can host movie nights and participate in dorm wars and the other fun floor activities planned by Resident Assistants (RA). We have RA’s located on every floor, and they serve as key people to help students get involved on campus. All of our dorms come with free laundry facilities, and some of them even include kitchens.

Check out all of our different dorms!

Haltom Campus Center

Hungry? The Haltom Campus Center is home to our newly-renovated cafeteria, Doc Lacy’s, the bookstore, and the mail room. Our students choose from multiple dining options, including a home cooked approach to buffet-style eating. For you picky eaters, there’s always pizza and subs!

Need a Coffee Break? Head to Doc Lacy’s!

Our campus coffee house, Doc Lacy’s, outsources their coffee from one of Bartlesville’s best local coffee shops. But coffee isn’t all they do! They have a diverse selection of smoothies, teas, and other beverages. Grab a drink and a board game; it’s a great place to hang out with friends!

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