Thank you for considering a position as a Student Leader at OKWU! On this page, you will find directions and applications for both the Resident Assistant (RA) and Student Mentor (SM) positions.

To submit your application, follow the steps below. After you complete your application, it will be submitted to Student Development, and we will be in touch to work out any additional details.

To Apply

Before beginning the application, you must answer the essay questions related to the position you are applying for in a Word document. Select one of the options below to view the job description requirements and essay questions for each position.

When you have completed the essay questions, begin the application by clicking the “Apply Now” button. You will be prompted to give a few additional pieces of information and upload your document of essay answers.

Note: If you are applying to be both RA and SM, you must complete the essay questions for both positions, but fill out the application form only once, uploading all documents there.

Apply for RA Apply for SM