“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings . . .” Proverbs 22:29

Communicate effectively. Think strategically. Lead with integrity.

The School of Business strives to develop graduates who are technically and academically excellent, professionally qualified, ethically strong, and spiritually mature. Our vision is to send forth graduates who can be the complete tools God can use, both professionally and spiritually, in the world of organizations — for-profit, nonprofit, governmental, and ministry-related.


IACBE Annual Report – Accredited Member

The Degrees:



Mark Shannon

Assistant Professor of Management & Leadership

Eric Peterson

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Brian Epperson

Assistant Professor of Business

Kirk Jackson

Dean, Assistant Professor of Accounting & Finance

Wendel Weaver

Assistant Professor of Marketing


For students who wish to earn a degree in business, but who also desire flexibility to pursue a minor in a non-business area, OKWU’s major in Business may be the perfect choice. Business majors receive a solid education in the essential areas of business, and have the opportunity to pursue interests in a specialized, non-business field of study. This allows students to design a degree consistent with their interests. Because business skills are in high demand in a variety of organizations, the combination of a Business degree and a non-business minor (such as music performance, sports ministry, non-profit operations, psychology, or youth ministry) often allows students to excel quickly within an organization.


The OKWU accounting program much more than just learning the “numbers” side of the business enterprise. Accounting students receive a solid background in broad business knowledge by taking the Business Core which includes courses in Strategy, Management, Marketing, Economics, and Finance. In addition to excellent instruction, accounting students will be challenged to integrate their Christian faith into their learning by reconciling how accounting guidelines and practice match with Biblical principles. The accounting program is structured to not only develop excellence in students’ accounting competencies, but also to build a foundation for career advancement into the highest levels of professional accountancy. Students may also choose to continue their accounting education in graduate school or to sit for one of the many industry certification exams.

Criminal Justice

The Bachelor’s degree program in Criminal Justice can empower you to meet the challenges facing those pursuing a career in law enforcement as well as developing critical skillsets for current law enforcement professionals seeking promotion. Our Criminal Justice program has been carefully crafted to provide students with a well-rounded core understanding of criminal justice concepts through courses such as criminal law and the court system, evidence and procedure, victimology, ethics, asset security, and more. Furthermore, students may choose additional emphases uniquely constructed for either students desiring to enter the field of law enforcement or for experienced law enforcement officers desiring to improve their career opportunities. The OKWU Criminal Justice degree program stands out from the competition by integrating God’s love for all humanity and the value of all individuals.

Financial Economics

The B.S. in Financial Economics is designed to prepare graduates for employment in a wide variety of careers in both the public and private secors. Most graduates will find employment in banking and financial services as brokers, financial planners and analysts. Additionally, this degree is excellent preparation for students desirous of going on to graduate studies in finance or applied economics. Students develop an understanding of financial markets and institutions, fiscal and monetary policy objectives, and how to apply microeconomic and macroeconomics theory to financial decision-making.

Interdisciplinary Business

Designed to provide maximum flexibility for today’s business students, the Interdisciplinary Business program matches critical business topics with a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects. Students who choose this major design a plan of study, with the help of their academic advisor, that includes a minimum of 18 hours of business courses and pairs that with other subjects throughout the university. This is true pairing of the liberal arts and professional studies that develops the student’s capacity for critical thought while giving an eye toward professional practice.

Management & Leadership

Today’s rapidly changing job market places tremendous demands on students entering the workforce. They are expected to work hard, learn quickly, and be ethical in their business dealings. Management & Leadership majors are well prepared to handle these demands. In designing the new Management & Leadership major, the Business Division has sought to simultaneously maximize both the quantitative and qualitative decision-making skills necessary for a successful career in business and the leadership skills necessary to lead others to the achievement of organizational goals.


The marketing program emphasizes the importance of making strategic choices and tactical decisions based upon the 4 P’s of marketing – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The marketing major provides a strong educational background for careers in marketing by opening the door of opportunity. Marketing serves as the link between an organization and its customers. Since customer satisfaction is the livelihood of an organization, marketing is one of the most sought-after majors in the country. Marketing activities can be found in every organization including private, governmental, and not-for-profit. Furthermore, marketing positions are highly visible to executives at higher levels in the organization and serve as primary stepping stones to advancement.

Master of Business Administration

The OKWU MBA is designed for the experienced working professional who, upon completion of the degree, will possess the appropriate knowledge, practical skills, and professional abilities necessary to fill executive managerial and administrative positions in business, industry, government, and non-profit organizations. An integral part of the OKWUexperience is to provide for the student a foundation of Christian values and ethics consistent with the mission of the university and which may be used throughout their personal and professional life.

Sports Marketing

Get off the sidelines and get into the game! The Sports Marketing degree program prepares business students to excel in a career with a sports franchise or a sports-related corporation. Whether students desire to enter the workforce immediately after graduation or continue with graduate studies, they will find themselves well prepared. Students will receive a solid background in broad business knowledge by taking the Business Core which includes courses in Strategy, Management, Marketing, Economics, Accounting, and Finance. Additionally, students will focus on skills critical to success in sports marketing such as Public Relations, Advertising, and Professional Selling. Faculty will help students gain an understanding of social media and ethical responsibility, both of which are imperative for sports professions.