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Financial planning comes with a lot of questions.

How much debt you want to accrue – is it going to be an investment for the future or a burden? Does your job provide enough income for retirement? Will you need to work past retirement age? Should you open a savings account before emergencies or unfortunate events happen and you are tempted to dip into your emergency fund? 

Financial planning also concerns taxes, due this year on April 15th. While this is a dreaded day for many, it’s also an opportunity to learn more about taxes and how they affect your life and finances. Tax Day is not just a single day of the year; it’s a whole process that starts months before gathering information about your income and expenses. And like all aspects of financial planning, it’s something that can be mastered with OKWU’s online business programs

How Can Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s business school programs help you plan for your financial future? 

Being financially secure is a big goal for many people. Getting prepared for the future is good, and it’s worth putting the effort in to steward money well. But how do you know what to do?  

Oklahoma Wesleyan University offers online business administration programs, through our groundbreaking GPS programs, to help you be better prepared for your future. Our online business programs will teach you to identify, evaluate and solve problems related to the everyday aspects of business management. Some topics that are covered include: 

  • Accounting – this course provides students with an understanding of accounting principles and their applications in financial statements and internal controls. 
  • Business law – students learn about the legal aspects of running a business and the ethical ramifications. 
  • Principles of Economics – focuses on microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international economics, including inflation, interest rates, unemployment, and exchange rates.
  • Non-Profit Leadership & operations – as the name implies, this course focuses on effectively and efficiently running a non-profit organization that has an impact on those it touches.  
  • And many more.
Online Business School Is the Perfect Solution 

OKWU’s online MBA is the perfect solution for adults who have obligations preventing them from attending a traditional in-person program. We have the same accreditation, structure, and support that you would expect from any other business school, but we also offer personalized attention to fit your schedule. Our online curriculum is designed to give busy adults with full-time jobs a convenient way to earn a degree. Whether you are looking for an undergraduate or graduate degree, we have you covered. 

Dozens of our graduates are now working in careers they love thanks to the convenient, flexible format of GPS programs. Our students are more confident when making decisions about their future, knowing that they’ve built a solid educational foundation. 

Getting Started 

We’re quite proud of our high percentage graduation rate, which we attribute to their program’s flexibility, first-rate faculty and advisors, and the dedication and determination of their students.   

OKWU can help you reach your goals — whatever they might be! 

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