Education Spanning the Globe

There are many opportunities for the business school students to learn and develop, to discover new ideas, and to refine their future goals at Oklahoma Wesleyan University; but perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities available to students is the chance to go on one of the student trips.

The offered student trips, which promise once in a lifetime adventures, are to New York City, Colorado and Hong Kong, and are led by Professor Wendell Weaver. All students are eligible to apply for one of the coveted spots, but because the trips are planned with business students in mind, their applications are prioritized.

Equipping Our Students for the Future

Whether our students work with oil and gas, in the communications sector, or for a non-profit organization, Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s Chesapeake Energy School of Business equips them with the skills they need to accomplish their goals. Rebecca Schluter, a finance...
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