sec_picture_2For the protection of campus property and the members of the University community, a campus safety plan has been developed. Safety officers are responsible for parking violations, residence hall safety, and other safety concerns. When stopped by a safety officer, students must produce their student identification card and comply with all requests made by the officer.

Campus Safety Office is located in the Carriage House
Phone: 918-335-6206
Emergency Phone: 918-876-2529

Building lock up hours:

  • Residence Halls: Curfew 02:00 a.m.
  • Academic Buildings: 10:00 p. m.

Although Oklahoma Wesleyan University takes reasonable precautions to ensure student safety and property protection, the responsibility still lies with the student to use common sense and request University safety assistance when necessary.

Emergency Communication System

As we all know, your safety is a top priority for OKWU. One of the most important tools in an emergency, small or large, is swift communication. OKWU has the capacity to send blast messages via text, email, or voice message to your mobile device in order to provide you with direct and timely emergency information in case of an emergency. These messages will be important to safeguard your personal safety.

ReGroup Mass Notification, the award-winning leader in emergency and mass notification systems, have joined forces with Oklahoma Wesleyan University in order to provide this service to our campus community.

The Regroup’s mass notification platform will be utilized for emergency alerts as well as for other notifications helpful to students.

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Q. What is OKWU emergency communications system?
A: In the event of a serious emergency, this system will contact registered students, faculty, and staff within minutes of a serious emergency.

Q. How does the emergency system work?
A: OKWU’s emergency communications service is a web-based application that sends real time emergency messages to registered users. The service contacts you via your cell phone.

Q. Will the system be tested on a regular basis?
A: Yes. The service will be tested once each semester to ensure that the system is working correctly and to remind the OKWU community of the service.

Q. When will the service be used?
A: OKWU’s emergency communications service will only be used in the event of emergency.

Q. Will it be used for important school informational updates?
A: Yes. The service will be used for that purpose as well.

Q. Will OKWU charge for this service?
A: No. There is no charge for this service.

Q. Do I need to register for this service?
A. Yes. You need to register for this service. Students can register by clicking here.

Parking Procedures and Regulations


No appeals will be reviewed if more than seven days have elapsed since the violation occurred. Only one appeal per violation may be made and the decision of the traffic committee is final. The fine must be paid before an appeal will be reviewed. Appeals may be filed at the Campus Safety Office.

Designated Parking

Reserved parking spaces are provided for designated campus personnel and other individuals as specified:

  1. Handicapped: Parking areas are marked by signs within the various parking lots and are restricted to vehicles displaying current disabled and handicapped parking permits.
  2. Bicycle: Bicycle racks are provided in various areas of campus for any two-wheeled vehicle that is not self- propelled.
  3. Visitor: Parking is designated by signs and is restricted to bona-fide campus visitors. This does not apply to off-campus students who are “just visiting” campus for a while.
  4. Faculty/Staff: Parking is provided for vehicles with current faculty/staff permits in specially designated areas.

These spaces are available to any registered vehicle, subject to the time limitation.

  1. Weekend Parking: Faculty/Staff parking lots are not open to students at any time.
  2. Holidays/Breaks: All parking regulations are still in effect during this time.


OKWU will not assume responsibility for any loss, damage, theft, fire, or negligence to any motor vehicle parked on college property. To be protected from such losses, vehicle owners should acquire the appropriate coverage with their own insurance company.

Motor Vehicle Ownership

Maintaining a motor vehicle on the OKWU campus is a privilege for each person who operates it in a reasonable, considerate manner and abides by campus regulations. Those who do not comply with campus motor vehicle regulations, keep financial obligations paid up to date, or do not maintain a satisfactory academic record may lose the privilege of using a motor vehicle on campus. All traffic regulations are in effect at all times (day and night), including holidays, breaks and vacations. All traffic and parking regulations apply to students, faculty, and staff members.

Parking Fines

Students will receive a notification of parking violation on their windshield or in their campus mailbox. A copy of this notice can be provided to the student’s advisor, coach (if applicable), and guardians. Each student will be given a warning for the first parking violations and a subsequent parking violation will result in the car being booted/towed at the owner’s expense. This sequence of notices will restart on August 15 every year.

Registration and Parking Permits

Each motor vehicle must be registered at the student cashiers office within 48 hours of arriving on campus, weekends excluded. Returning students must re-register their cars. A parking permit will be issued which must be affixed to the passenger side front windshield (inside). Unregistered vehicles will be ticketed on the first violation and any subsequent violation will result in the car being towed at the owner’s expense.


  1. Drivers must park their vehicles properly within designated areas, taking no more than one vehicle space.
  2. Parking in any area other than that properly designated is prohibited.
  3. Parking in fire zones, such as the circle in front of the mansion, is prohibited.
  4. Parking in “No Parking” zones and along any of the roadway curbing is prohibited.
  5. Parking a motorcycle, motor scooter, motorbike, or moped in the bicycle racks is prohibited.
  6. Blocking a street, driveway or sidewalk is prohibited.
  7. Vehicle repair and trailer parking is allowed only by permission of the Director of Buildings and Grounds.
  8. Parking in an unmarked area is prohibited. This includes the grass.

Traffic Regulations

  1. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all crosswalks.
  2. Driving a motor vehicle on pedestrian paths, sidewalks, grass, or any part of the campus not designated a roadway is prohibited.
  3. A maximum speed limit of 15 m.p.h. is assigned to all campus roadways and parking lots.
  4. Full Stops are to be made at all STOP signs.

Violations and Penalties

Traffic citations involve the assessment of fines and, if necessary, towing charges. Citations are payable at the Cashier’s Office immediately. Transcripts and degrees will be withheld until all fines are paid.

Emergency Response Plans

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