Process for creating a school recognized club.

Benefits to being an official OKWU Club/Organization

  • Have access to a school account in order to raise funds for the club.
  • Have access to a club specific email and online focus group.
  • Ability to post flyers, pictures, and videos on OKWU Life Instagram and around campus (with approval of creative impact team).
  • Ability to reserve rooms and facilities for club needs.

Four step process:

  1. Submit a club log from one semester of being a student led group.
  2. Fill out application for a school recognized club.
  3. Fill out club advisor agreement.
  4. Write up club draft and constitution including membership requirements, goals, and semester plan (events, meetings, fundraisers).

Club log

  • The log should include total time invested into the club this includes preparation, weekly meetings, bible study, etc.
  • The club must log active members of the club including but not limited to club president, vice president, treasurer, event coordinator, and staff sponsor.
    • The club must have a minimum of 5 active members.
    • The club must have a minimum of 16 hours of total time logged (includes meetings, events, practices, etc)
    • The club must have 2 public events per semester with a minimum of 10 participants (can include active members)
  • Application
    • Fill out application to be a school recognized club. This includes the club advisor form.
  • Club Draft/Constitution
    • The club constitution must include club rules, member requirements, club goals and focus, bi-laws. Club constitution should include required resources for the club to thrive at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.
  • Resource List
    • The club will need to submit a resource list. The list should include anything that the club would need to thrive in the OKWU Community


Once the application process is completed and the forms have been submitted the club will reviewed by Student development for approval.

Club/Organization Application

Advisor Agreement