The university provides a Registered Nurse who assists with the routine medical needs of the campus community. Hours are posted on the door of the Student Health Services Office. Local physicians act as consultants and referral sources for those who need special attention.

In case of an accident or serious illness, a member of the staff contacts the nurse or a doctor, or assists the student in obtaining necessary medical assistance. A limited amount of first aid supplies are available in the Student Health Office. Any student who is on prescription drugs, medications, or under a physician’s immediate care should register with the nurse.

Students must download and complete the University Health Forms provided:

University Health Letter


The Medical Forms provided here must be completed. If any student wishes to use the OKWU student health services a medical form must be completed before enrollment. All traditional students whether living on campus or off campus must have a medical form completely filled out and signed by the student.


A physical exam must be done the summer before the student begins school and is filled out and signed by the physician who performed the exam. All traditional students living on campus or off campus, or who will be involved in any campus activity, such as intramurals, intercollegiate competition, official school representation must have a college entrance physical exam.  This exam qualifies for an athlete’s sports physical for their intended sport for this first year.


Hundreds of people living together in close-quartered conditions can be breeding grounds for illness and diseases. These conditions can be found in many colleges and universities, and so most states require a number of immunizations for all students to be allowed to live on campus. Oklahoma requires all college students to provide proof of meningitis, hepatitis B and measles, mumps, rubella immunizations.

If there is any reason that the student has not had these immunizations and does not want to receive them, they must sign a waiver form.


This form must be notarized. It is advisable, but not necessary, to have one if the student is 20 or younger and plans to be traveling with the school for any reason. In some states the age of adulthood is 21 and the student must have a consent signed by a parent or guardian for treatment to be administered. Debra Cook, M.S.N., R.N., Student Health Office Director, is a Notary Public and can notarize these forms.

Contact Info

“Nurse Deb”
Debra J. Cook, M.S.N., R.N.
Director of Student Health Department
# 918-335-6264 (office)
# 918-914-9808 (mobile)