Chapels @ OKWU

Chapel at OKWU
 exists to help students grow in both their understanding and application of biblical truth during their four years the university. Each chapel seeks to uphold the mission of OKWU by worshipping the person of Christ, hearing from the truth of Scripture, and helping students to engage culture with a biblical worldview.

This Year’s Chapel Theme

“God’s Kingdom is present in its beginnings, but still future in its fullness. This guards us from an under-realized eschatology (expecting now change now) and an over-realized eschatology (expecting all change now). In this stage, we embrace the reality that while we are not yet what we will be, we’re also no longer what we used to be.” -Tim Keller

There are a myriad of kingdoms and kings that compete for our devotion. The kingdom of financial prosperity where the almighty dollar is king, the kingdom of party politics where power is king, and perhaps above all, the kingdom of self where our own appetites and egos are king.

But the Scriptures—fulfilled in the person of Jesus—provide a stark contrast to the kingdom narratives of our day and age. The overarching trajectory of the Scriptures is the inauguration of the Kingdom of God by its true king, Jesus. As we look through the gospels, we become acutely aware that the economy and politics in God’s kingdom don’t always reconcile with those of today: The poor are blessed; the rich are in danger. True life is found not in what we gain, but in what we give away. Forgiveness is embraced; revenge is denounced.

In Christ, every person is granted citizenship in this upside-down kingdom where Jesus is King. This school year, our intent is to explore how belonging to this one, true kingdom redeems and realigns our identities, values, purpose, and pursuits.

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Four Year Chapel Curriculum

The Four Year Chapel Curriculum exist to show students where we are as a community and where we are headed. During the 2017-18 school year, we will focus on belonging and the central idea surrounding the believer’s place in the Kingdom.