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Chapel at OKWU
 exists to help students grow in both their understanding and application of biblical truth during their four years the university. Each chapel seeks to uphold the mission of OKWU by worshipping the person of Christ, hearing from the truth of Scripture, and helping students to engage culture with a biblical worldview.

This Year’s Chapel Theme: Multiply

If we’re not careful, the images Christ used to communicate both the purpose and priorities of the Kingdom of God can quickly be deemed irrelevant in a culture where bigger matters more than better, results matter more than process, and ease matters more than faithfulness.

A small amount of dough worked into yeast, some simple seed scattered on the ground, a tiny mustard seed planted in the ground.

These are the images that have to settle in our imagination if we are to understand the DNA of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus didn’t spend much time talking about the size of our portfolios, our churches or our GPA’s. Apparently, in the Kingdom of God those things don’t matter that much. More than anything, his message centered around teaching his followers to BE disciples and to MAKE disciples.

Jesus invest in one, in three, in twelve; and the movement has not stopped and it will not stop. What defines us, primarily, are not the tribes we belong to, the denominations, or the political parties. We are called first and foremost, to BE disciples and MAKE disciples. We’re called to Multiply.

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Four Year Chapel Curriculum

The Four Year Chapel Curriculum exist to show students where we are as a community and where we are headed.