Parking Permit | Parking Fines

Designated Parking

Reserved parking spaces are provided for designated campus personnel and other individuals as specified:
1. Handicapped: Parking areas are marked by signs within the various parking lots and are restricted to vehicles displaying current disabled and handicapped parking permits.
2. Bicycle: Bicycle racks are provided in various areas of campus for any two-wheeled vehicle that is not self-propelled.
3. Visitor: Parking is designated by signs and is restricted to campus visitors. This does not apply to off-campus students who are “just visiting” campus.
4. Faculty/Staff: Parking is provided for vehicles with current faculty/staff permits in specially designated areas.
5. Weekend Parking: Faculty/Staff parking lots will be closed to students. This includes visitor, faculty & staff, handicapped, President’s, or Resident Director parking.
6. Holidays/Breaks: All parking regulations are still in effect during this time.

Parking Regulations

  1. Drivers must park their vehicles properly within designated areas, taking no more than one vehicle space.
  2. Parking in any area other than those which are properly designated is prohibited.
  3. Parking in fire zones, such as the circle in front of the mansion, is prohibited.
  4. Parking in “No Parking” zones and along any of the roadway curb is prohibited.
  5. Parking a motorcycle, motor scooter, motorbike, or moped in the bicycle racks is prohibited.
  6. Blocking a street, driveway, or sidewalk is prohibited.
  7. Vehicle repair and trailer parking is allowed only by permission of the Director of Buildings and Grounds.
  8. Parking in an unmarked area is prohibited. This includes the grass.


OKWU will not assume responsibility for any loss, damage, theft, fire, or negligence to any motor vehicle parked on college property. To be protected from such losses, vehicle owners should acquire the appropriate coverage with their own insurance company.