Graduate and Professional Studies

A BSN will give you the skills you need to meet the healthcare industry’s ever changing demands

Likewise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to advance in the medical world without at least a bachelor’s degree. Here are several other benefits of earning your BSN.

A BSN Degree Will Prepare You For Future Requirements

As healthcare expectations continue to grow amongst hospitals, the demand for their employee’s skills and education levels grow as well. Many medical establishments are pushing for a BSN to be the minimum requirement for a nurse.

If you are currently a working nurse or want to advance your healthcare career, earning a BSN will allow you to stay in the healthcare industry while meeting these continuously growing requirements.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University knows that as an adult working in the healthcare sector, you already have a range of knowledge and understanding of the industry on a practical level.

OKWU professors have years of experience helping adults earn their degrees and grow in their knowledge.

Two nursing students assess patient as part of the OKWU nursing program1. BSN Graduates Can Earn More Money

Earning a BSN degree will allow you to advance higher in the healthcare industry. OKWU’s RN to BSN program allows current Registered Nurses to continue working full-time while earning their BSN, getting them to the next level in their career without having to step away from their work.

Everyone would love a bit more economic stability in their life, so the sooner you start your BSN, the better. That is why students can enroll at OKWU and start their bachelor’s degree within a few weeks, no matter when in the year they enroll.

2. Gain More Skills

During your bachelor’s degree, you will cover a range of nursing skills that you may not have covered before.

Even if you have not been in school for a while and are concerned about taking online classes, be comforted that OKWU has over 15 years of online teaching experience. We will prepare you for every skill that you will need, all through the convenience of online learning.

You can learn anywhere you want (so long as there is WIFI) and still walk away from OKWU with a BSN degree.

OKWU nursing student smiling3. Become A Better Nurse with your BSN Degree

Even if you have decades of experience in the healthcare industry, earning a BSN will allow you to become a better nurse for your patients.

You can get up to date on modern practice while understanding how that affects your ability to perform as a nurse.

OKWU will help you develop as a person and as a nurse. Driven by faith, we want to help you become the best version of yourself so that you can serve your patients via Christ-centered nursing practices.

4. A BSN Will Prepare You For A Higher Degree

If you wish to earn an MSN or DNP degree, you will first need to earn your BSN.

When studying at OKWU, we will get to know you and your career goals. We will then help you tailor your degree so that you can advance in the way that you want to so you can continue to grow in your career.

Driven by faith, we want to help you become the best version of yourself so that you can serve your patients via Christ-centered nursing practices.

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