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Oklahoma Wesleyan University announced it is adding four new technology majors to provide students with expertise in high-growth areas in which employers are searching for talent.

The new offerings include Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Game Development, and Business Analytics.

“We are pleased to be able to provide students with these additional majors within our School of Business that are designed to help them learn the technical skills employers are desperately seeking,” said Brett Andrews, Senior Vice President for Academic Innovation. “Created in partnership with our industry partners, these new programs will also help prepare our students for exciting careers in these fields.”

Computer Science

With employment in the field expected to grow at roughly 22% over the next decade (nearly 3x the national average), OKWU students will be qualified for increasingly valuable jobs both in Oklahoma and across the country. Project-based and portfolio-building classes will help graduates produce impressive resumes before graduation, and hone skills that hiring managers demand.


OKWU’s new Cybersecurity program equips students with the technical and business knowledge needed to secure the high-paying and growing jobs in this field, all without needing to be high-ranking programmers. Portfolio-building and project-based classes ensure a robust resume before graduation, and allow students to demonstrate the skills they need to land the best jobs in the field.

Game Development

Games and gaming have grown to a $185 Billion-dollar industry across mobile, PC, console and VR/AR platforms. OKWU’s Game Development program was built to focus on portfolio-building coursework and project-based learning. Centered around real-world lessons learned from industry partners, this new program ensures students are learning precisely the knowledge, skills and tools that are in highest demand for game developers in Oklahoma and across the globe.

Business Analytics

With the field of Analytics now underpinning every industry on the globe, and a reported 97% of businesses investing in improving their data systems, OKWU students pursuing a degree in Business Analytics will be learning job-focused skills needed to succeed in this industry expected to grow at 4x the national average over the next decade.

“These are high-growth fields,” Andrews said. “In today’s job market, employers, both locally in Bartlesville and nationally, are seeking employees with expertise in these technical areas.”

Programs Open for fall 2023

These new programs are available starting this fall through a partnership with the Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC) and Rize Education. The LCMC is a strategic partnership of private colleges and universities across the country collaborating with Rize Education to provide access to a cutting-edge curriculum that prepares students for successful careers.

For more information about the new undergraduate programs, contact the Admissions office at 800-468-6292 or visit OKWU’s website.

About the Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC)

The LCMC is a national consortium of over 130 fully accredited, non-profit colleges and universities formed in 2015. Members of the LCMC are committed to working together to address the challenges of increasing costs in higher education by implementing innovative programs and reducing institutional costs for these programs to pass along savings to students. In this way, the LCMC hopes to develop new models of higher education that benefit students while simultaneously contributing to the sustainability of accredited, nonprofit, 4-year institutions.

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