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A college is more than buildings—it’s more than dorms, classrooms, and student centers. Done right, college is an immersive community where you’ll spend years of your life forming lasting relationships. 

For a high school student preparing to branch out on their own for the first time, the college-choice process can be overwhelming. There are tests to take, research to do, and campuses to be visited. It’s a lot. We get it.  

So we want to help! We asked our Admissions Team to come up with five of the best questions they receive from students and parents on OKWU’s campus. No matter where you end up attending, be sure to ask these questions the next time you’re on a college tour to figure out what works for you.

 1. What does the school believe, and how does that fit into the college experience?  

At OKWU, our Christian faith is central to the academic experience. university of The Wesleyan Church, we believe strongly in integrating faith into the academic curriculum, sending our students out into the world with the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ. It’s pivotal to every aspect of life at OKWU, from the classroom to our chapel services to life within the dorms. Want to know more? Ask a student when you’re on campus!  


2. What’s life like for students on campus?  

Our hope for students is that OKWU becomes more than a place to learn—we hope that it becomes home. We offer five male residence halls and four female residence halls, each with thoughtfully appointed resident assistants to mentor you as you dive into college life. With clubs and student organizations to join in, plus an exciting slate of activities organized by our Student Development team, there’s always something to do! Check out life on campus here.  

students on pond

Each year, students take part in a boat race across the pond – on crafts of their own design.


3. What resources are there to help students succeed academically?  

OKWU is proud to offer all students the services of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), which exists to help students reach their full potential in the classroom. Whether you need help studying for that tough final exam or assistance with writing a term paper, you’ll find tutors and editors at the ACE who can assist you. Find it on the second floor of the library!   

Mural on glass wall of Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence exists to help students thrive in the classroom.


4. How does OKWU help students secure internships and jobs after graduation?  

We get it—the point of a college education is to get a job after graduation. That’s why we’re so proud of our recent Zippia ranking as the best college in Oklahoma for job placement! Our business students have secured internships from world-class companies like Chick-Fil-A, Arvest Bank, Hobby Lobby, and our well-known NASCAR partnership, while students from other majors are provided opportunities for practical experience in local schools, hospitals, and ministries. No matter what career youre aiming for, our goal is for you to graduate connected to your field of study and ready to change the world! Plus, our graduate’s average salary after completion is over $65K (US Dept. of Education Scorecard). 


5. How Can I afford this Education?

There’s no way around it; college can be expensive. At OKWU, we believe your education is an investment in your future—and it’s one worth making! First, be sure to complete the FAFSA as early as possible, which opens up federal aid like grants, loans, and workstudy openingsWe also have academic scholarships available for Eagles, including the Presidential Leadership Scholarship and Dean’s Scholarship—each worth over $10,000 annually and designed to reward students committed to success both inside and outside the classroom. Our Ministry-Dependent scholarships make it easy for those from mission-minded families to afford school. Find out more about Financial Aid here 


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