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We are dedicated to helping students meet their educational goals with financial aid resources.

You’re in the right place to explore options to help make paying for college more affordable. College is an investment—but it’s one worth making. Our graduate’s average salary after completion is $54-55k (US Dept. of Education Scorecard).

OKWU diligently looks for sources of potential student aid including scholarships, grants, outside aid, and loans. Applying for federal, state, and institutional aid is free.  Start by applying for admission and completing your financial aid as soon as possible. OKWU prepares aid offers for students who have been accepted. Please contact us or book an appointment if you need any help. 

Traditional Undergraduate Tuition & Value

2024-2025 Cost Sheet

Residential Campus Students
Full-time Tuition (12-17 Hours)  $15,775 $31,550
Standard Fees*  $975 $1,950
Housing (double)  $2,550 $5,100
Food (MP19-Full)  $2,350 $4,700
Total  $21,650 $43,300


*Textbook costs and university fees vary based upon major and class schedule.

For a list of potential course fees or other charges, please refer to the Student Accounts Information section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Cost of Attendance 2024-2025

Cost of Attendance (COA), which is a Department of Education term, is the budgetary foundation upon which financial aid offers are built. Unlike the term would imply, COA may not equal the cost to attend. It contains direct costs that you will see on your statement like tuition, fees, food, and housing (if approved to live off campus, you will not be billed for food and housing), and indirect costs that are estimates of discretionary expenses to help a student estimate costs to attend OKWU that you will not see on your statement (like transportation and personal).


Component Payment Period
Payment Period
Tuition TRAD FALL 2023 $15,775 TRAD SPRING 2024 $15,775 $31,550
Fees TRAD FALL 2023 $1,306 TRAD SPRING 2024 $1,306 $2,612
Book & Supplies TRAD FALL 2023 $674 TRAD SPRING 2024 $674 $1,348
Transportation TRAD FALL 2023 $576 TRAD SPRING 2024 $576 $1,152
Personal Expenses TRAD FALL 2023 $984 TRAD SPRING 2024 $984 $1,968
Loan Fees TRAD FALL 2023 $159 TRAD SPRING 2024 $159 $318
Food & Housing (On Campus) TRAD FALL 2023 $5,137 TRAD SPRING 2024 $5,137 $10,274
Total TRAD FALL 2023 $24,611 TRAD SPRING 2024 $24,611 $49,222

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