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OKWU’s Creative Impact team strives to bring excellence in presenting the University’s mission and vision to our community, the media, and the public.

Press information, including quotes, data, graphics, and other media requests can be made by completing a media request form. For additional questions contact

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Design Request

Design Request Form – Start a request for promo material and/or website update (for University team)

Media Approval Form – Submit a design with University branding for approval


Visual Identity

As a growing and diverse University, we continue to building our unique identity. Presenting a relevant brand with a consistent and compelling visual identity is essential to telling our story. Visual standards and brand style guides are critical to enhancing and strengthening our reputation.

The success of the OKWU brand identity depends on the consistent use of these standards by everyone involved in the creation and execution of communication materials to help share the OKWU story. With the application of these standards, we can better manage our identity and the story we share.

These standards are for use as a reference guide in developing communication materials. Major applications are addressed but it is not possible to anticipate every design situation. When you have any questions, please contact us. Our talented team of professionals available to serve you.

Thank you for your commitment to OKWU’s mission and vision – and to these visual standards!


OKWU Brand Identity Style Guide

OKWU Athletics Brand Identity Style Guide

OKWU Athletics Branding Quick Reference Sheet






  • Please refer to the OKWU Brand Identity Style Guide for creating your materials. Artwork or design is approved with considerations of size, font, and reproduction quality.
  • Original, high-quality images should always be used. Never be recreate, redraw, or re-type the logo. No text or graphic may be added or removed.
  • The logo may not be skewed, condensed or expanded. However, the logo may be enlarged or reduced proportionately.


The University logos and department logos can also be obtained in white for dark backgrounds and the official university navy. Athletic logos can be requested in black and white or colors appropriate for dark backgrounds.

PRIMARY COLOR PALETTE: Below are the official Pantone and CMYK color values of OKWU. Note: these are the only red and navy approved for use in OKWU logos.


Navy Cool Gray Red
Pantone 2768 C        Pantone Cool Gray 4   Pantone 201 C       
C 100 C 6 C 7
M 90 M 0 M 100
Y 13 Y 1 Y 65
K 71 K  21 K 32