Graduate and Professional Studies

Summer school has long held an unfair reputation as something to be avoided.

The fact is, summer is an excellent time to get ahead in your career as an adult learner. A degree upgrade can make a significant difference, whether it’s an increase in pay, skill acquisition, or expansion of opportunities. In an accelerated format like Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s Graduate & Professional Studies programs, coursework is tailored to your learning needs. Our programs are far from boring and perfect for busy adults looking to work on their online degrees this summer.

OKWU’s Graduate & Professional Studies offers Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees, available entirely online. Whether you are starting from scratch or just a few credits shy of your goal, GPS provides the freedom to complete your education from anywhere. OKWU is an accredited, faith-based institution with over 30 years of experience providing educational opportunities to working professionals. For learners apprehensive about working online, understand that OKWU has successfully worked with online students for over 15 years and considers your success a priority.

While there are many reasons to consider an online, accelerated program, the educational institution you choose should be the right fit for you. Consider the following reasons why accelerated programs are attractive to working adults.

Time is Precious

A traditional degree program is often spread throughout the year in semesters with several week-long breaks. An accelerated program streamlines the learning, efficiently conserving the time needed to complete coursework. Summer courses are an excellent chance to earn credits in a fast-paced and focused online environment.

The convenience factor is a huge bonus, especially for busy adults with full-time jobs.

Financial Benefits

Choosing a non-traditional accelerated program can make sense financially as well as academically. The less time you spend in school translates to less money paid in tuition. Plus, with a flexible schedule, you can continue to work full-time as you earn your next degree. Once you apply your completed accelerated degree to your current or desired profession, you will reap the benefits of increased pay raise or better career opportunities.

Find a Balance

Working adults understand that balancing a career and maintaining a good quality personal life can be tricky. Family demands, friendships, commitments to the community, and other obligations may seem like enough to carry without the added pressure of continuing your education. Fortunately, an accelerated online program, like GPS, provides flexibility to work at your pace and from anywhere and any time that works for you. The convenience factor is a huge bonus, especially for busy adults with full-time jobs.


Since online accelerated programs utilize technology in various forms, you are expected to learn how to master skills at a fast pace. While this may be challenging at first, it allows you to diversify your skills and add bullet points to your resume. Using video, audio, virtual classrooms, and other media can make learning more accessible, especially for visual/spatial learners.

Choosing the right online program is vital to your success. Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s GPS programs can help you balance your priorities, including career goals, family, faith, and education. This summer is the perfect time to start! Take the next step and see what OKWU can do for you.

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