School of Education:

The OKWU School of Education is seeking diverse adjunct faculty from a variety of ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds to teach in the School of Education.  The School of Education is especially interested in qualified candidates who can contribute through their research, teaching, and service to the diversity and excellence of the School of Education.  The School of Education welcomes qualified women, members of minority groups, veterans, and individuals with disability to apply.

The School of Education has multiple offerings for students seeking to become a state certified teacher.  For the traditional daytime student, the School offers undergraduate education degrees in the following areas: Early Childhood, Elementary, P.E./Health, Secondary Math, English, Social Studies, Biology, and Vocal Music.  Through the Adult and Graduate Studies Program, the School of Education offers an on-ground or online option for a Master of Education degree with a licensure or non-licensure emphasis.  The School of Education also offers a traditional program for daytime students in the area of Exercise Science with two emphasis options: pre-physical therapy and clinical.  The Sports and Leadership Studies undergraduate program is also offered in the School of Education.

Our Mission Statement:

In keeping with the institution’s mission statement and the Unit’s vision, the Teacher Education Program is based on the belief that an Effective Educator is the product of several factors: 1) a strong foundation in the liberal arts, educational theory and practice, and specific academic disciplines; 2) a Christian worldview which affirms the pursuit of truth, the calling of teaching, and the worth of all persons; and 3) development of the whole person so that graduates demonstrate vitality and integrity in the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral areas of their lives.  These beliefs have a foundation in educational research.


The School of Education is seeking to attract an active, culturally and academically diverse faculty of the highest caliber, skilled in the discipline of teaching students:


–Adjunct faculty to teach undergraduate Teacher Preparation courses.  Adjunct faculty are also being sought for the Exercise Science and the Sports and Recreational Leadership degree.

Adult and Graduate Studies:

–Adjunct instructors to teach on-ground at the Bartlesville and Tulsa campuses in our Adult and Graduate Studies courses.

–Adjunct faculty to teach online courses in the Adult and Graduate Studies program.


–A personal and vital Christian faith is required.

–Evidence of commitment to the integration of Christian faith and living with the theory and practice of education is expected.

Education and Experience:


A Master’s degree is required to teach bachelor level courses.  Adjunct faculty who wish to teach Professional Education courses must hold a state teaching certification and have P-12 teaching experience.

Adult and Graduate Studies:

A Doctorate degree is preferred for adjuncts teaching master level courses.  Adjuncts without a doctorate degree must hold a Master degree with extensive educational experience in order to teach master level courses.



Adjunct faculty will be responsible for teaching undergraduate courses in the School of Education.

Adult and Graduate Studies:

Adjunct faculty will be responsible for teaching graduate level courses in the School of Education.  Successful candidates who will teach online must pass a 3 week Faculty Online Training Program and commit to developing and honing their skills as an online instructor.


Work is performed under the general supervision of the Dean of the School of Education. Adjuncts who teach courses for the Adult and Graduate Studies program will also work under the Dean of AGS Operation as well as the School of Education Graduate Program Director.

To Apply:

To apply for this position, please complete our application by clicking below: Complete the Online Application

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources by email at

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