Ready to return to college? Feeling a bit stressed? As an adult, planning how to juggle work, family, and college can seem overwhelming. We understand, and we are here to help!

START HERE: As you search for your best-fit college, are you looking for a place where you belong? Oklahoma Wesleyan University is a nationally ranked private Christian university offering a wide variety of degree programs.

GO EXPLORE: Now start your search and find the program you are looking for, then take a minute to check out our faculty—ranked top in the nation four times in the last five years. Finally, make sure you know our mission, the core of who we are as a university.

THE BASICS: Students enrolling in online degree programs will attend with other adult students asynchronously, anywhere you have internet access. You can work from home, from the coffee shop, while on a business trip, or even deployed as an active duty military service member.

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